Amai akanbo no iesu o arigato! Watashi wa, Tokyo (Nihon) ni ittekimashita! Translation: Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus! I went to Tokyo (Japan)!

What’s up ya’ll?!!! I’m back after a very looooong hiatus from blogging. Well actually, I wasn’t on hiatus…I was once again working as a restaurant chef which was sucking up all my time (and the life out of me). WANKERS!

Anyway…In the midst of hard labor, I once again found the time to take a vacay!!!! HOORAY!!! 🙂

This time I went as far around the world as I could possibly go and I went to Japan…Tokyo to be exact. I had a BLAST! There is SOOOO much to tell…However, I won’t tell EVERYTHING in order to protect the innocent…and myself…lol.

First, let me just say that Japan is one of cleanest places I’ve ever visited. So clean, that there were several times during my visit where people were willingly lying on the ground.

^^Look @ how clean the ground was! He’d had a few…but it was all good…seriously^^

^^See…he was fine^^

The people are SUPER polite! I can’t tell you how many bowing contest I participated in. “Arigatougozaimasu” = Thank you very much…Then you just commence to SIDE BAR: WE should start bowing in America…I’m just saying. That shit is mad respectful!

Japanese LOVE BLACK PEOPLE and hip-hop culture! It’s serious! There were many times when I felt like I was still in NYC..but not really. If I can hear Jay-Z in the donut shop (un-censored), then that’s a good day for me.

^^I taught them how to Dougie^^


The food in JAPAN fucking touched my soul!!!! The Japanese take the statement “Fresh is Best” to all new levels! I know a lot of my chef friends and food snobs are wondering “Airis, did you get to eat Sushi at one of Jiro Ono’s restaurants?”…..Umm no….Though I’d love to!

I have to be honest, everyday I was in Japan, I ate food (not exclusively) from the 7-11 convenience store. Before you turn up your noses, you MUST know that this was some of the freshest, most delicious food I have EVER eaten!!! This was a big plus too because Japan can be pretty expensive. I had everything from sushi, to ham and cucumber sandwiches to the current love of my life RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

^^This fuckin sandwich was so fresh a delish….I can’t..I threw down my mic^^

^^Green Tea and Sushi from the 7-11 about $3..Winning!^^


On the plane ride to Japan, for lunch we were given a cup of ramen noodles and a roast beef sandwich. At that moment I realized two things1.) OH SHIT! I FORGOT I’M GOING TO BE USING CHOP STICKS…FOR EVERYTHING! (I’m not the worlds best chop stick user) and 2.) I’d forgotten how much I love ANY sort of broth…sauce…I don’t care!

Soooo, once I touched down in Japan, I commenced to consuming as much ramen from as many different places as I could. All of it was extremely delicious!


There were restaurants in Japan that in America would be referred to as “Holes in the wall” that were, in fact, 2-3 Michelin Starred establishments. For those who aren’t familiar, Michelin Star ratings are the highest forms of recognition for excellence that only select restaurants world wide receive. AMAZING!!!
Next we participated in a traditional Japanese Tea ceremony. Our hostess was extremely solemn and disciplined. We were required to sit “Indian style” for about 20 minutes…there was a lot of squirming going During the ceremony we were each made a cup of Matcha (Green Tea) which was blessed. Also, we were served a “sweet snack” which was made from potatoes and red bean paste. The snack was an acquired taste…………………………

My most memorable food experience was at the Tsukiji Fish Market! We got there before it was open to the public so we were FORCED to walk the streets surrounding the market…and EAT! And Eat I did!

I ate the worlds largest oyster.

I ate a salted, grilled fish.

I ate this…Bacon wrapped onion thing-a-ma-jig……I have NO idea what this was but it could possibly be one of the BEST things I’ve ever eaten!

^^She made it^^

I was given this gigantic bean. I think it’s a magic bean.

^^Airis the Chef! and the Bean Stalk!..coming to a theater near you^^

I also ate copious amounts of tiny, whole, dried fish of varying flavors and drank tea.

P.S. This all occurred before 9:00am.

Finally, the fish market opened to the public. It was busy. It was wet. I got hit in the back of my leg with a bloody fish. I was done. The End.

The last night we dined at an Izakaya in an area of town called Shibuya. An Izakaya is an “All you can eat”/ “All you can drink” restaurant and bar. You pay one set price and you can order from the food and drink menu for 2-3 hours…non-stop. WHAT ON EARTH COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT?????? The pics below say it all…PURE JOY!!!



Their everyday beef in Tokyo happens to be the most expensive type of beef you can buy in the United States…Kobe Beef!!!!

Fact: Kobe beef come from Wagyu cattle found in Japan. This type of beef is referred to as a “delicacy” because of its full flavor, tenderness and fatty, marble texture.

The cattle is basically pampered like a child by being massaged daily and fed beer and sake during the final fattening process.

Not a bad life!!

^^This is the neighborhood grocery store Kobe^^

At the end of the day folks, Japan is a MUST add to your list if traveling and food are your vices! If you don’t want to take that flight on your own…but love experiencing it vicariously through me…I TAKE DONATIONS…:)

I’ve once again had a chance to view food from a different perspective. Clean food, smaller portions, simplicity….Food at its BEST!JAPAN….HOORAY!!
Until my next adventure…….Take it light and Take More Chances!!!
P.S. No recipe today….If I type one more thing…I may faint…Thank you for understanding!

-Airis the Chef!