So as promised…and more as a favor too you than myself…I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 All I can say is Brazil is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. My experience there was so great that I’m a) Planning to go back really soon and b) I’m in a little bit of a funk now that I’m back in NYC.

But I digress…On too the details!

I flew alone and met up with my group in Rio from the Nomad.ness Travel Tribe. ß—- Check em out it’s an awesome group of urban travelers from around the world. We stayed at a beautiful house in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa (or Gloria…that’s what we told the cabbies) and it was located on a very high point of a hill/mountain. My room was bungalow styled and huge! In the spirit of not disturbing nature, my room had a tree in the middle of it….Yes!!!

FOOD RELATED: There was a very giving and fruitful star fruit tree on the property as well as a newly grown avocado tree, a banana tree and a looming jack fruit tree located very closely in the yard next door.

We had a host, Andre, who was a local Brazilian (and world traveler) but most importantly…one of the finest mixologist I’ve ever met! Caiprinha’s, Passion Fruit and Watermelon Cachaca Cocktails ß—AMAZEBALLS!

I’d have to say that this trip was so amazing because we experienced most of it from the standpoint of the locals. What would the locals do??? Where do they eat???? Where do they party??? Etc…..

Sooo… since this is a food blog, I guess I’ll get to talking about the food! I’ll leave out the parts about the copious amounts of sexy men in Brazil and my incessant need and urge to become the mother of one or many of their children.

Once again…..I digress…lmao!

Ahhhh…the FOOD:

As an overall culinary experience, I’d have to say that the food was a bit…well…underwhelming….:/ However, in the spirit of my glass always being half full, there were some highlights!!! Yay!

One of them was a wonderful (traditional) meal in a favela in Leme which is close to, but never to be confused with, Copacabana. The meal consisted of salad, rice, black beans, chicken, fish and steak. Everything was deliciously seasoned to perfection!

Another hugely memorable meal I had was in the town of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil at the local fish market. This fish market was like a culinary wet dream! Not only did they have tons of fish and crustaceans indigenous to the land, but after you purchase it, you can bring it up two flights of stairs to a selection of about 10 restaurants and have your fresh fish cooked for you any style you like!!!! Additionally, you can select a traditional Brazilian side dish.


The fish that I selected is called Congro Rosa. Congro Rosa is found along the coast of Southeastern Brazil at depths in the water of up to 2500m below the sea. The congro was steamed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and other tasty things. The side dish we had is called “Piroa” and its sort of a potato/fish soup that totally taste like CRACK!

I’d have to say, the food(s) that amazed me most in Brazil was the vast array of FRUITS!!!!!!!!!! Wow….bananas, mangos, guava, acai, coconuts, sugar apples, star fruit, passion fruit, strawberries!!!! The fruit game in Brazil is so serious that, real talk…I may NEVER eat fruit in the United States again…lol. Fresh Coconut Water and frozen Acai were my two favorite drinks. 

Sorry…no recipe today :/… But I got ya next time for sure!!!!

Brasil……Eu te AMO para SEMPRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brazil….I LOVE you FOREVER!!!!

OK….I lied…here’s a quick recipe. I made this for the member’s of our group in Rio.


What you need…..

1#  Shrimp (Heads and shells on..WORK for it!)

5x   Garlic Cloves (Chopped)

1x   Lime (Juiced)

½ t   Red Pepper Flakes

1T    Cilantro (Chopped)

1T    Parsley (Chopped)

1T    Green Onion (Chopped)

2T    Olive Oil

TT    Salt and Black Pepper

**    Seasoning Salt



What you need to do……

1. Heat up the Olive Oil in a large saute pan (high heat please and thanks).

2. Add the garlic and cook until tender.

3. Add the shrimp to the pan and season with salt, pepper OR season salt, red pepper flakes and lime juice.

4. Cook shrimp all the way through.

5. Toss with the fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley, green onions)