Hey guys! I’m Airis…the Chef, as it says in my web address. I’m from a little town down south called New Orleans, LA. If you don’t know about New Orleans, it’s the home of Jazz, Food and Debauchery but we like to call that part FUN! Food, like in most cultures, plays a major roll in our everyday lives. Food is in our souls. Flavor is in our bones. All the richness and variety we have in our culture (New Orleans) goes into every hot pot of gumbo, every morsel of fried catfish and every last tasty drop of a Hurricane….the alcoholic beverage version…of course! There’s the SOUTH and then there’s NEW ORLEANS.

So with all the above said, every time I pick up my knife and turn on the fire, I cook with all the LOVE, flavor and tenacity of a native New Orleanian. Not to be confused with the notion that Cajun/Creole flavor profiles are the only ones I use. I love food, good food, in general!

In this blog, I’ll be giving recipes, pro tips and insights on food mixed in with prolific stories of my adventures around the world! Go on…don’t be shy…and take a read. I promise you’ll be intrigued, entertained  and knowledgeable when you finish. Welcome to the theater that’s called my life!

-Airis….the Chef! !