Stay Hungry is a teen cooking competition that combines food and hip hop! I had the distinct pleasure for the second year in a row to be a “Chef Coach” to a wonderful group of teens from Benjamin Franklin High School of Finance & IT (Team BFIT).

This year we were the 1st Place Winners!!! Hooray! Our lyric was “Or try to celebrate February like it’s my B-Day/ Or eat watermelon, chicken and Kool-Aid on weekdays” Kendrick Lamar -The Blacker the Berry


Our team wanted to go in an unexpected direction and do a healthy but soulful dish. The result was CompressedWatermelon| Salad with Poached Chicken | Watermelon and “Strawberry” Kool-Aid Vinaigrette | Crispy Chicken Skin Croutons | Pickled Watermelon Rinds | Sunflower Seeds

Bonus: Watermelon (Non) “Kool-Aid Shot (Fresh Watermelon Juice)

























The judges were impressed by the students presentation and flavors and we pulled out a win! Thank you to the creators of Stay Hungry (via The Future Project), Syreeta Gates (The Gates Preserve)  and Elle Scott (She Chef ) LLC for another wonderful year.

Chef Coaches

Chef Coaches




The Celebrity  Judges and Students

The Celebrity Judges and Students










Check out the video collage posted by The Future Project. Until next year…..STAY HUNGRY!